Brooking Park Employee Earns Missouri Senior Information Consultant Certification

Amy McFarlin from Brooking Park has been certified as a Missouri Senior Information Consultant by LeadingAge Missouri. This prominent designation recognizes their knowledge and field experience in the senior care profession.

LeadingAge Missouri offers this independent training and certification to experienced senior care professionals. By providing statewide training on topics significant to seniors and their caregivers, the program trains senior care professionals on how to assess needs and clearly disseminate senior care and service information.

Denise Clemonds, CEO of LeadingAge Missouri, said “Our goal, as a statewide advocacy group, is to develop the training to build an army of certified consultants to link seniors and caregivers to available resources.”

“Once certified, the consultant not only provides free information on topics relevant to seniors and their caregivers, but also helps them navigate the complex system and locate federal, state, and local resources,” Clemonds said.

Missouri’s senior population, defined as those age 65 and older, is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years, from less than 15% of the state population in 2000 to over 20% by 2030. This means that approximately one in five neighbors, friends, and family members will be senior citizens.

The needs of seniors vary greatly and as seniors age, their concerns often change. The youngest of the baby boomers, just turning 65, are concerned about quality of life, encore careers, and physical activity. The oldest of seniors’ concerns are often related to healthcare, social isolation, and assistance with daily living tasks.

The senior population of St. Louis County is expected to increase from 15.2% in 2011 to 21.8% in 2030, according to the 2013 Missouri Senior Report. Identifying and locating services will allow the Missouri Senior Information ConsultantTM to help meet the increased demand for information and assistance with senior services.

The program is funded in part by a grant from the Herbert and Adrain Woods Foundation, Bank of America Trustee.

As a Missouri Senior Information Consultant, Amy McFarlin has demonstrated knowledge and experience in such fields as: healthcare and government benefits; social security resources; assessing need; and consulting services to provide assistance on resources.

Seniors and caregivers can now easily locate a Missouri Senior Information ConsultantTM in their area at the LeadingAge Missouri website ( Additional certification trainings will be available in early 2015.

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