Brooking Park T-Ball Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the Brooking Park T-Ball Event at Incarnate Word

Here’s what the Brooking Park executive director, Tony Altobella, had to say in June edition of The Willows’ Gazette (PDF)

Children bring such a joy to our lives. Recently, some of the Brooking Park residents participated in a T-Ball game with the kindergarteners at Incarnate Word.

The bad part of the day was I foolishly didn’t wear sunscreen. My head looked like a lobster. I was not a good example for the little ones. The good part is the event was great fun. The children had a blast.

The Brooking Park residents and staff enjoyed the enthusiasm of the little ones. I loved seeing some of the residents hitting the ball off of the tee, especially the gentleman who used his walking cane as the baseball bat. I loved seeing one of the residents catch the first pitch of the game. I wonder when the last time the residents played a game of baseball?! Thank you to everyone who participated in the event.

The benefits of intergenerational programming are quite predictable. Not only do children visiting seniors make for smiling and laughing seniors, but seniors also tend to physically move more when
around busy children. There is also a positive cognitive impact as children many times share their interest in technology with seniors. In addition, from a psychosocial standpoint, children help some seniors feel less isolated, less lonely and children typically don’t make judgments regarding seniors. Children also learn so quickly that they benefit from the knowledge of seniors, particularly when completing simple tasks together.

I’d like to see some more intergenerational programming at our campus. We can have more t-ball games, we could host Halloween parties, we could have cooking classes together, or we could become
email pals with kids. There are so many great things we could do to bring children, including our grandchildren, to our campus for fun events. Whatever we decide to do, I have a strong feeling everyone will positively benefit from enhancing our current intergenerational programming.

As any leader would do, I’d like to form a Committee to gauge interest in establishing a program that works for our community. If you have any interest in helping with this project, please reach out to me, Heather, Joel or Tatjana (those three don’t know yet that I’m kicking off this initiative!). Let’s have some fun and let’s positively impact the lives of many.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.