Respite Care

Brooking Park offers Respite Care for Assisted Living and Memory Care Guests

When family situations change, or caregivers need time away, Brooking Park’s uniquely care staff will provide Respite Care for seniors.
We offer short and medium-term stays through our Respite Care Program.
Many seniors come to stay for a week or more for care-giver relief, and to experience the Brooking Park lifestyle.
Caring for a family member in the home can be a rewarding experience, but it also can be overwhelming. Respite care provides temporary, short-term relief for caregivers of adult loved ones with extra needs due to illness or age-related diseases. Whether you have an upcoming trip or simply need to take a break from the stresses of care-giving, respite care services may be an ideal solution for your family.

Wouldn’t it be great if your loved one could enjoy a vacation, too? They can at Brooking Park Assisted Living or Brooking Park Memory Care Household!

Your loved ones will receive exceptional care from our uniquely caring staff, just as if he or she was permanently living at Brooking Park.
Brooking Park offers first-class hospitality, wonderful accommodations, spa services, delicious meals, and socialization.
Twenty-four-hour nursing care and rehabilitation services are available if required. Enjoy peace of mind on your well-deserved break and know that your loved ones are well cared for at Brooking Park.

The Eldercare Specialist at St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions recommends that families consider the following when deciding on respite care:

  • Include your loved one in the decision: Promoting independence and combatting isolation is vital to everyone, especially elders. By including your loved in in the discussion, explain the benefits of socialization in an active, engaging senior community, and help determine how much time away is appropriate.
  • Person-Centered Care: Brooking Park’s uniquely care staff and award-winning care program focuses on person-centered care. We monitor allergies and medication, but Brooking Park team members also find activities that help promote the mind, body, heart, and soul. Be sure your caregiver and respite care provider communicate to anticipate the needs of your loved one.
  • Schedule Breaks. By taking planned breaks and scheduling vacations periodically, a caregiver is much less likely to feel overly stressed and burned out. Brooking Park is your home away from home — we make it easy on elders using our respite program, and families, friends, and loved ones to keep in touch with our has several ways for visitors, caregivers, friends, and families to stay in touch with our residents.  Communication is key for seniors using our respite program tand elders using our respite program. Making Brooking Park your home away from home
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