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Over 60 Years of Providing Uplifting, Faith-Based Caring

St. Andrew's Resources for Senior Systems St. Louis


We believe it is our special relationships with other extraordinary organizations that set us apart. We share a campus with our independent living counterpart The Willows at Brooking Park. We’re right across the street from the highly respected St. Luke's Hospital.

Growing older carries a unique set of challenges for the senior, the family, and other potential caregivers. When crises occur, most of us aren't prepared to act. We haven't pre-planned. We don’t know where to find the resources we need. We often don't even know what questions to ask.

That's where St. Andrew's comes in. For nearly 60 years, St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors System, a not for profit organization, has been the place where seniors, their families, and caregivers find answers.

Whether it's occasional help that allows a retiree to remain independent at home, a comfortable retirement residence that feels like home, or an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, St. Andrew's can provide whatever you need. Thanks to donations to their Charitable Foundation, they are able to assist seniors at all income levels. They help older adults find and access the support they need and, most importantly, help them Worry Less.

Created in 1961 as a non-profit partnership of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri and The Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy, St. Andrew's is non-sectarian, faith-based, and an expert at serving both older adults and their caregivers.

Our Partners

The following organizations work with us to provide assisted living care and services to seniors living at Brooking Park.

St. Andrew's Senior Solutions St. Louis

Senior Solutions, a service of St. Andrew's and St. Luke's Hospital, offers a comprehensive approach aimed at providing assistance to our residents and their caregivers.

They offer lifestyle options that enhance health and independence, ensure safety, and minimize concern. They provide support for residents living in their own apartment home, including things like assistance with shopping, medication management, or regular errands.

Their goal is to ensure the comfort and well-being of older adults regardless of where they choose to call home.

St. Luke's Hospital St. Louis

St. Luke's Hospital is another great partner with many amenities available to Brooking Park residents.

St. Luke's is consistently named one of America's best hospitals, and located just across the street from Brooking Park. Their shuttle bus is available from Monday through Friday to take you to your appointments and bring you home.

St. Andrew's and Bethesda Home HealthSt. Louis

St. Andrew's and Bethesda Home Health is a St. Louis-based, Medicare-certified agency that brings specially trained medical home health care professionals to area families.

This joint venture of two St. Louis prominent non-profit senior care organizations (Bethesda Health Group and St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors System) offers help in a range of situations from temporary assistance after illness or hospitalization to constant medical care.

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