What Is the Difference Between Memory Care vs. Assisted Living?

Elder woman needing memory care services

The need for long-term care is a reality for nearly 50% of seniors over the age of 65. A decline in both physical and mental health makes it difficult for some seniors to care for themselves. This is an emotional burden for family members who want to help preserve their loved one’s dignity and quality of life. That’s where assisted living and memory care facilities come into play. These communities are designed specifically to provide aging seniors with the care and support they need. Choosing the best facility for your family member means understanding the difference between memory care vs. assisted living.

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Combating Isolation

Combating Isolation

We know that proper sleep and a healthy diet fight against the common causes of death, cognitive decline and heart disease; however, many neglect another root cause of illness: loneliness.

With the ‘over 65’ population group increasing, and the number of elders without children on the rise, society is faced with an isolation problem.

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