Alzheimer’s In The News

Alzheimer's in the news

This month saw Alzheimer’s in the news when exclusive footage from a forthcoming PBS documentary Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts debuted on

The clip focuses on tips offered by Dr. Rudolph Tanzi (Harvard Medical School) to reduce the spread of memory loss. His advice includes the usual suspects: maintaining a healthy diet, getting exercise, and (our favorite) getting 7-8 hours of deep sleep per night.

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Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

Memory loss and dementia can be a scary thing to see in a family member. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills., a leading health organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s research and care, has put together a list of 10 warning signs that may help your loved one know the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. advises seeing a doctor If you notice any of these signs.

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