Is It Time for Assisted Living?

How does a caregiver know when it’s time to consider assisted living for their loved one? Sarah Stevenson at A Place for Mom put together a list of signs that memory care or assisted living might be the most helpful option. Here are a few of them:


If dementia is a problem or potential problem for your loved one, wandering is a higher risk. Wandering can be dangerous as it can increase the probability of falls and injuries.


A common characteristic of Alzheimer’s, sundowning describes agitated behavior that becomes worse late in the day.


If a loved one is verbally or physically aggressive it might be time to consider assisted living care. These are signs that dementia may be setting in.

Home safety issues.

If you are concerned about the safety of your family member in the home, this is a sign that it may be time to seek outside help.

Escalating care needs.

If the needs of your loved one are beyond their caretaker’s abilities, or the health of the caregiver is at risk, steps should be taken to improve the situation.

Caregiver stress.

Caregivers should take care to look after their own well-being in addition to those being cared for. If a caregiver is overly stressed their needs should also be considered.


Check out the full article on A Place For Mom. If any of these factors are an issue for you or a caretaker caring for someone you love, consider finding out more about assisted living or memory care facilities near you.

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