Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Parents’ House

It’s the time of year when everyone is thinking about cleaning out their house – and you may be running into trouble when helping your relatives clear out their junk.  Paula Spencer Scott at Caring.com put together a list of spring cleaning tips for your parents’ house to help clean out their clutter. Here are a few of them:

Take pictures of items before parting with them.

Very often the memories are more important than the item itself. Taking a picture and storing the files on a computer can be an easy way to reduce junk space to zero.

Understand the keeper’s motivation.

If they are keeping items because they “might need it someday” you can assure them that you will help them if they do. If your loved one is a collector of items, they may be willing to sell the collection or give it as gifts.

Set an appointment.

Have a standing appointment set up to help ease your loved one into downsizing. Setting up one night a week, or an hour every evening, to go over sorting items can be helpful in getting momentum going.

Get some professional help.

A senior move manager can help with moving your loved ones if you are far away or if things need to be done quickly.  They can assist with problems of what to do with items, and helping your loved one willingly part with items.


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