The Avalon At Brooking Park – For Inez And Other Elders

Inez Mixon(From our publication, Worry Less Times, Spring, 2011) – Inez Mixon’s face lights up when she talks about two things – her family and her stay at The Avalon at Brooking Park. The Avalon has helped make it possible for Inez to continue to enjoy her family and her life. “I love it here,” Inez said. “Everyone is so friendly and it’s made a very positive difference in how I live my life.”

Inez is one of many elders who have experienced the recuperative wonders of The Avalon, which provides Medicare Part A rehabilitation services for those recovering from injuries, medical conditions, surgery and hospitalization.

“At The Avalon At Brooking Park, it is all about Inez; it’s about the individual, not just a broken hip or a diagnosis,” according to Amy Hitt, Health and Wellness Administrator. “Here we focus on the person and the particular therapies and care it will take for each one to get better and to reclaim the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.”

For most seniors in need of physical rehabilitation, an introduction to The Avalon begins while they are in the hospital. Mike Enlo, Medicare Admissions Coordinator, visits referred elders and their families and tells them all about it.

“There is usually a sigh of relief from seniors and their families,” Enlo said. “Because we’re already putting a plan together for them, letting them know how it works, and ensuring the transition from the hospital to The Avalon is smooth. Overcoming the unknown and providing reassurance relieves a tremendous amount of anxiety for people.”

When each new resident arrives at The Avalon an entire team of highly qualified people – from Rehabilitation Physician Dr. Bijoy Hegde to licensed nurses, therapists, dietitians, recreation specialists and spiritual advisors – are waiting and take a personal interest in each one. New and innovative therapies help speed and maximize rehabilitation. Luxury private and companion suites are warm and inviting. There are chef-prepared meals with menu options, pampering spa services, fun and meaningful recreation. And, a Wellness for Life program adds a holistic approach concentrating on the body, mind and spirit.

The average stay at The Avalon is about 21 days. During that time, while staff members are providing therapy, care and services, they are also planning for residents leaving and going home – whether that is a house in the suburbs, an apartment, retirement or long-term care senior community. The idea is to ensure the transition is smooth and successful.

“It all comes together at The Avalon,” Hitt said, “the best therapy, a person-centered care philosophy, and always the goal of the very best outcome for everyone. As with Inez, we want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

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