The Importance of Pets

Those of us who are pet owners all know how important pets are to our lives. Their unconditional love and affection brings out our instincts for nurturing, and provides enrichment to daily life.

The Importance of PetsBut pets are more than just important family members. They can actually help to reduce stress and possibly even risk for heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, pet ownership seems to be associated with a reduction in heart disease risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Dog ownership in particular may also help with reducing obesity by encouraging owners to stay active – Your furry friend most likely needs to go for regular walks. Owning a dog can be particularly beneficial to seniors who may feel lonely, as owning a dog often leads to socializing with other pet owners when taking it for walks or visiting the dog park.

For seniors who may not be able to leave home as easily, caring for a pet can help fight against depression. A pet can be a constant companion who is always there for you, helping to prevent isolation and loneliness.
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