What is Assisted Living?

Anyone who is researching care for their loved one is likely to be a bit overwhelmed by the number of options. You might see information about  residential care, board and care, or personal care facilities. These terms are all the same – they are all different terms for assisted living. You might find yourself asking the question: What is assisted  living, and what does it provide?

According to eldercare.gov, assisted living is a “housing alternative for older adults who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting, but do not require the intensive medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes.” Assisted living was created to help seniors that are not able to fully function in an independent living setting, but are not in need of full-time skilled nursing care.

Since there is no national standard for assisted living in the US, and assisted living facilities are licensed by state, different facilities will offer different services. Some of the services that may be provided by assisted living facilities include:

  • Health care management and monitoring
  • Help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Medication reminders and/or help with medications
  • Recreational activities
  • Security
  • Transportation

Assisted living facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are urban campuses while others may be a suburban community. Still others may have a resort-like feel. It is best to visit any facility to find out if it is right for your loved one.

Costs of assisted living vary by facility and location. According to eldercare.gov, costs can range from $25,000 per year to $50,000 per year. Some facilities charge extra for certain services, so it is important to ask that of any facility you may visit. Medicare does not cover costs for assisted living, but in some states Medicaid will pay for the service part of it.

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  1. My grandpa would always tell us that he felt lonely after his wife died, and we weren’t sure how to help him. I really like the idea of each community lifestyle being affected by its location. I think it would be good for my grandpa to be moved to one of these and have a good community around him.

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